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Is you existing website "mobile friendly"? In other words does it actually work and look good on mobile phones and other mobile devices like iPads and tablets?

Web users are increasingly using their smart phones and mobile devices to browse the web and to search for local services.

Therefore if your website is not mobile friendly then the truth is you are unlikely to ever be found on Google, and your website is not working for you and is unlikely to ever really work for you again.

What Google Says: "Starting 21 April 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimised for their devices."

Most Internet Access is now via Smart Phones!

Smartphones are now the UK’s most popular device for getting online for the first time, according to industry monitor Ofcom.

Smartphones are now responsible for a third of internet access, up from 23% in 2014. Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Data Report shows the success of the devices has been at the expense of laptop computers, the latter dropping from 40% of online connections in 2014 to 30% in 2015.

Two-thirds of adults now have a smartphone, up from 39% in 2012, and the amount of time we spend using them to go online has risen to one hour and 54 minutes per day.

Jane Rumble, director of market intelligence at Ofcom, said the change in internet access was a “landmark shift”.

She said: “You can see these devices are becoming more and more an important vital hub of information and communication throughout the day, with smartphone owners spending almost two hours (on them) each day, almost double the amount of time that those people are spending on their laptop or desktop.

Check Your Existing Website to See If It Is Mobile Friendly with Google's Mobile Friendly Checking Tool:

Click the button below to go to Google's own "mobile friendly website" checking tool. If Google says that your website is not mobile friendly then come back here and contact us for a FREE estimate to make your website mobile friendly (or to create you a new mobile friendly website).

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We create "mobile friendly" websites that work on phones, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices. 

We can either take your existing website and re-work it to make it mobile friendly, or we can design and build you a new one from scratch.

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